Group Sessions

Group session underway

Group session underway

I’m happy to provide training for small groups – either on a regular basis or as a ‘one-off’ to get things started. If you have the use of a village hall or office space with internet facilities, ideally with at least two computers, we can access essential websites and I can help you to find your way around them. It’s great fun to share your discoveries with others, and comforting to compare the frustrations and setbacks we all encounter from time to time!

Working in small groups is one of the most cost-effective approaches to family history research. With a little bit of help, most people can find their way around the internet sites and work independently. If you come to a ‘dead end’ and don’t know what to try next, I’m there to offer some practical assistance or just point you in the right direction.

My basic fee of £25 per hour applies to groups as well as to individual sessions, so by sharing the cost with even one other person you can make significant savings. If two or three of you would like to club together, we can work in one person’s home or rotate between you. Please bear in mind that if you are using a venue outside your own homes, you may have to pay for the use of a village hall or other similar facilities, and may need to bring your own laptop to connect to the local internet.

In order to ensure that everybody receives the help and advice they need, I normally restrict group sessions to four or five people. Obviously we are limited by the number of computers available, and by the space needed to spread out our research material! Please understand that one person may need more assistance than another, and that a particularly challenging search may occupy more of my time and attention. It’s a good idea to agree among yourselves beforehand how you will split the costs if, for example, one person requires more than their ‘fair share’ of my time.

If you would like to arrange a group session, do please ring to discuss the best way forward. I would suggest that we start with an introductory meeting – this will cost £50 but will not be restricted to two hours. I normally allow a whole morning so that I can see how much information is available as a ‘starting point’ and how much knowledge and experience group members have already gained.

“Katie is an amazing person with so much energy and enthusiasm and our classes are really fun.  She guides us through the internet sites and encourages us to search out further family history. We get so involved that our classes often overrun, but Katie is never in a rush to leave and will often continue searching for a ‘missing link’ in her own time, bringing in the results the following week. Just meeting Katie Carr is an experience, and to have her help and experience is a tremendous benefit.”   (Fay, Rowington Family History Group)