One to One


Most of my work involves working with individuals or couples, often in the comfort of their own homes. Together we can look at the family records and photographs you have available, plan further investigations, and carry out internet research.

You decide how much of the work you would like to do, and which aspects you would prefer to let me do on your behalf. I will be there to advise, to help with the organizing and filing of information, to work through internet records with you, and to assist with the actual writing-up of your family history.

If you would like me to explore other resources further afield, I can do so on your behalf – visiting record offices and libraries, photographing or filming locations which have played a part in your family’s history, contacting relatives and local organisations, and so on. one-2

My approach to individual clients is entirely flexible – you are not committed to any number of sessions and can stop and start as you wish over a period of time. If you’d like just one meeting to learn the basics, so that you can carry on with your own research – that’s fine. If you’d like to meet once a week, or once a month, or just once in a blue moon when you feel like doing a little more – that’s fine too!


I work on the basis of an hourly rate which is currently £25 per hour. I don’t normally charge anything on top of this, although if you live outside my local area I may have to ask you to contribute to transport costs and travel time. I will never charge anything without advising you beforehand, and ensuring that you are in agreement.

You are very welcome to telephone or email me to discuss your requirements without any obligation; I will always try to give you some idea of what I think will be involved in the project you would like to undertake, and what it is likely to cost.

If you decide that you would like to book a session with me, to look at your family records in more detail and carry out some initial research, I offer the option of an Introductory Morning. This will cost you £50 (and a cup of tea!) but normally continues well over the two hours and allows us to make real progress. Please check my Terms and Conditions for further details of this and my general research service.

The family tree I drafted for my father in 1984, showing his Smith line of descent.

The family tree I drafted for my father in 1984, showing his Smith line of descent.