Terms and conditions

Although I like to keep ‘the small print’ to a minimum, I think it’s useful to clarify the main terms and conditions relating to my research. If you are unsure of any of them, or unhappy with any aspect of my work before, during, or afterwards, please talk to me as soon as possible. I’m a friendly human being and I prefer to do business with other friendly human beings. I am passionate about genealogy and determined to provide good value as well as high quality in my research and reporting. The testimonials I have received are, I hope,  evidence of my success.

So –

You are very welcome to telephone or email me to discuss your requirements without any obligation.  If I know what information you already have available, I can give you some idea of what we can expect to find within the first few hours of research. Since it is impossible to know beforehand just how easy or difficult a particular line of enquiry will be, I prefer not to offer ‘packages’ which guarantee to produce a certain number of ancestors or generations, but I take pride in the thoroughness and efficiency of my work and ALWAYS spend more time than I charge for (once I embark on the detective trail I don’t like to leave it!)

If you decide that you would like to book a session with me, to look at your family records in more detail and carry out some initial research, I offer the option of an Introductory Morning, subject to distance and travelling time/cost. This will cost you £50 (and a cup of tea!) but normally continues well over the two hours and allows us to make real progress. By the end of the session, we will have drafted a family tree based on the information you have to hand, and will have agreed on a plan of action for further research. If you have internet facilities at home, we will also have carried out some initial searches. Alternatively, for the same £50 fee, I will undertake at least three hours’ initial work on your behalf and report my findings to you.

The rate for ongoing research is £25 per hour or £200 per day. This fee applies to the time I spend with you, and also to any time I spend working independently on your behalf.  I am always happy to negotiate a special price for major projects. Please note that

1) you are paying only for the research, and not for the (sometimes considerable) time taken to write up and present my findings.

2) I belong to a number of research sites which charge subscription fees; the work I undertake for you on such sites is included in my fee.

3) there is no VAT and no other ‘hidden charges’.

4) I may have to ask you to contribute to the costs of transport and travel time if I am working away from home.

As part of the research process we may need to order Birth, Marriage, and Death certificates, and if I order these on your behalf I will charge them at cost (currently £9.25 per certificate). If we need to pay for any other records, copies of documents, maps, photographs etc., those costs will be additional.  Such costs are not normally significant and I will always check with you before producing or ordering anything which will have to be charged for.

Finally, please remember that I cannot guarantee to find relevant results, or the results you would like / expect me to find. In the unlikely event that I am unable to find anything of interest or importance to you, I will always try to provide initial guidance and information for an alternative family line or area of research – but time spent in accordance with an agreed  brief will have to be paid for. Please remember, too, that I rely on the accuracy of the information you provide initially, and I cannot take responsibility for any errors or omissions.

I will be honest with you at each stage of the research with regard to the likelihood of success, and will make recommendations to the best of my professional ability. I will also advise you of any inaccuracies or discrepancies I discover in your existing documentation.

Please do not send me valuable or irreplaceable documents or other items, as I cannot be responsible for their safe receipt or return to you.



I ask all clients to pay in advance for the Introductory Morning / Initial Research session (£50) and this can be paid  for by cheque (payable to Katie Carr) or postal order, or via Paypal using the SHOP page and checkout process.  Please do not send payment until we have agreed a date for the session and discussed what will be involved.   Due to prohibitive bank charges, I regret that I can only accept payment in sterling.

If you would like to purchase a voucher for a friend or relative, this can be done without prior discussion but is on the understanding that a mutually convenient arrangement will be made with regard to the timing and content of work undertaken. Vouchers can be purchased through the SHOP‘ page.

Subsequent sessions or additional research time may be paid for in advance, in instalments,  or upon completion of the work by prior agreement. I reserve the right to retain documents and reports produced or provided by me until full payment has been received.